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Company Name L.A. Industry  Company  Limited.
Founded December  8,1999
Location 151/69, 152/69 Moo 9, T.Suanluang  A.Kratumban  Samutsakorn  74110  Thailand


Board of Management

Ms. Ladda SaekooPresident / Chairman
Mr. David PanManaging Director
Mr. Pisit PankhawongMarketing Manager
Ms. Yaowaluk LimpraserdpornProduction Manager
Ms. Thisuree NoinadeeAdministration Supervisor



Industrial Category


       Manufacturer  and  Distributer  of  Welded Steel Wire Mesh for concrete reinforcement.  

       In addition, The company also provide other premium  building  materials.


Enterprise Culture of Company

  1. Integrity
  2. Customer always comes first
  3. Innovation
  4. Unity


Why choose L.A.?


      1. Production and loading products 24 hours for customers in order to prevent  traffic jam at 

          the daytime , to ensure the arrival time at the destination.

      2. E-Transportation. Each vehicle with GPS device to control driving speed,  fuel consumption,

          delivering path…. Reduce cost and feedback to our customers.

      3. Reliable Quality

          100% Inspection for  

             Raw Materials
             Working In Process

             Finished Goods

             Qualified By TIS 737-2549

      4. Very Competitive Cost

             Volumed Materials Purchase

             Shorter Lead Time

             High Efficiency Team Works

             Computerized Operation

                Use our advanced PICS software to control inventory and production automatically.

             According to FIFO(first in, first out) rules, to ensure our customers only get the products

                in good condition.







A specialist in manufacturing and distributing premium building materials such as
Wire Mesh (TIS-737-2549)
Low Carbon Steel Wires (TIS-194-2535)
Razor Barbed Tape Wires
Barbed Wires (JIS G3553-1977)
Straighten Wires
Galvanized Iron Wires (JIS G3552-1982, SWM-G2)
Black Iron Wires
Chain Link Wire Netting (JIS G3552-1982)
Nails (TIS 113-2526)
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L.A. INDUSTRY COMPANY LIMITED 151/69,152/69 Moo.9, SuanLuang, Kratumban
Samutsakorn, Thailand 74110
(T) 02-810-9656-8 / 02-808-5041-2(F) 02-810-0166(E)